Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sloth and Television

from the movie, Beautiful Girls, 1996 :
Channel 38 is showing Rich Man, Poor Man, all twelve parts.

No shit?

Back to back.

Gasp!  Oh Shit!  Fuck!  Fuck!  364 nights here I do dick.  The one night I decide to go gotta tape it for me.

from Thomas Pynchon, Nearer, My Couch, To Thee:
Any discussion of Sloth in the present day is of course incomplete without considering television, with its gifts of paralysis, along with its creature and symboint, the notorious Couch Potato.  Tales spun in idleness find us tubside, supine, chiropractic fodder, sucking it all in, re-enacting in reverse the transaction between dream and revenue that brought these colored shadows here to begin with so that we might feed, uncritically, committing the other six deadly sins in parallel:  eating too much, envying the celebrated, coveting merchandise, lusting after images, angry at the news, perversely proud of whatever distance we may enjoy between our couches and what appears on the screen.

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