About Me

I'm a software developer and entrepreneur residing in New York City.  I've followed a winding path my in educational and professional life.

I have degrees in philosophy and education and am living proof that its possible to make some contribution to society without being a Harvard dropout.   As for teaching, I taught at the high school and college level for ten years in the United States and in Central America--teaching courses in philosophy, logic, history, economics, and entrepreneurship.

When I discovered programming (while doing other stuff), it was love at first sight.   To my surprise, I discovered that people wanted to pay me to do what I was skipping meals and sleep to do for free and for fun.   Since 1995, I've designed and built applications for startups and Fortune 100's, starting with C and C++ and surfing the successive waves of technological change. 

Occasionally, I've developed and sold my own applications.  

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